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Question about selling

At the end of Q4 2019, there were 17,995 condo apartments in Phnom Penh, up 27% over the same time in 2018, when there were 57 finished complexes with 14,170 units.

Condos are new in Cambodia. But they are increasingly important in real estate. Boreys appear to be the most popular dwelling option among residents.

Rental returns can reach as high as 9 percent , especially if you acquire condominiums in major towns in Cambodia. Since decent rental yields throughout the world is from 5 percent to 8 percent , investing in condominiums in Cambodia is a market you need to get into since it goes from 5 percent to 9 percent .

Yes, they can. Although Cambodian law prevents foreigners from owning land, they can lawfully own properties, whether it condominiums, flats, or offices, as long as it is not placed on the ground floor of a building (and at least 30 percent of the other properties in the building are Cambodian owned) (and at least 30 percent of the other properties in the building are Cambodian owned)

Cambodia is one of the region’s most open economies to international investment. Low tax rates, investment incentives, and a one-stop-service for qualifying investments all indicate the government’s dedication to attracting foreign capital. Tourism has always drawn the biggest international investment.

Question about renting

Phnom Penh is a lively city and it is an attractive destination for foreigners. There are various different types of housing alternatives available, shop-houses, western-style flats, and villas are there to cater to the lodging requirements of expats and locals.

Villas, which are also known as free-standing residences are not particularly widespread in this city. Phnom Penh features both the classic Khmer style villas and modern villas.
They are of varied sizes, but they are available with at least three or four bedrooms with a dedicated parking place and 24×7 security. Villa rentals range in at as low as $1000 per month to roughly $5000 per month depending on the neighborhood and size.

Luxury riverside homes are High end that comes with elegant interiors and lavish facilities. Two-story gated community homes overlooking the enormous River Mekong are highly popular. You may enjoy the calm of the river and the sky during the early hours of the day from your balcony.

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