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A Condo Unit on a High Floor or a Unit on a Low Floor?

A Condo Unit on a High Floor or a Unit on a Low Floor? Luxury 2BR duplex apartment for rent in bkk1, tonle bassac - Phnom Penh swimming pool , gym.

Unit on a Higher Floor or One on a Lower Floor: Which Should You Choose?

Which of these two options should you choose? The requirements of you and your family are the most important considerations to take into account while making a decision.

Some Cambodians and foreigners are sure that the higher the floor, the better when it comes to condominium floor plans. Others say the benefits do not justify the premiums. So, what precisely are these advantages and disadvantages?

Lower-level flats are advised for you if you don’t mind the noise and bustle of the region and don’t believe it’s worth shelling out extra money to live in essentially the same complex as before.

Additionally, if you have young children or elderly family members, you should look for a unit on a lower floor because it is safer. But probably the most significant advantage of living on a lower floor is the decreased amount of time spent waiting for the elevators, which may be excruciating, particularly if they are not functioning properly.

On the other hand, if you place a great value on your privacy and are interested in having breathtaking views of the surrounding region, then upper floor units, particularly those that are located at the very top, will be more suitable for you.

In addition to this

the wind will blow through your home throughout different times of the year, and there will be less insects and other pests in general.

Most significantly, the resale value of your house is likely to increase in the future as a result of the fact that purchasers are typically willing to pay a greater price for apartments that are placed on higher levels.

The Benefits of Lower-Floor Apartment Living

Easier To Use

If you reside on a higher floor, you have to spend a lot less time waiting for and waiting in lifts. In addition, if the elevator fails or there is a fire, climbing the stairs is a safer and easier way to evacuate the building.
Families with elderly or disabled relatives may find it more convenient to reside on the ground floor. With an apartment or condo, it’s easier to get to amenities like swimming pools, which are often located on the lower floors.

It’s not as smoky as before.

Despite the fact that you won’t be able to enjoy the wind as much as your neighbors on the top floor, you’ll also be less exposed to the wind’s dust.
Despite the increased resale value of homes on the upper floors, they are also more costly. For instance, if the average price difference between floors in a 20-story structure is $5,000, the difference between a unit on the 20th floor and a unit on the 2nd level is $90,000. If you’re on a tight budget, that’s a lot of money to spend.

Better Views of the Garden/Pool

The views from higher levels may be greater, but if you want to be close to the pool or the greenery, or if you just like to observe people, lower floor flats are a better choice.

If You’ve Got a Pet, It’s Easier

Some of your neighbors, particularly those in the elevator, may be put off by your pet. If you have a pet, living on a lower floor is less awkward because you may prevent this by going up and down the stairs.

Expanded Floor Area

Because of Private Enclosed Spaces, certain lower level units, particularly those on the ground floor, are bigger than usual (PES). A gated patio area provides an outside yard for these condos, which often feature a patio space.

The advantages of residing on a higher floor include the following

Has a Better Flow of Wind.

Because higher-floor apartments tend to have more open layouts with less obstructions to the flow of air, they tend to be more comfortable. Consequently, you’ll save money on your utility costs because your house will be a lot more comfortable. With a north-south orientation, you may enjoy year-round natural wind ventilation if you choose a unit.

Pests are less likely to infest your home.

On the lower floors, you’re more likely to find bugs like roaches, mosquitoes, and rodents, which are more likely to enter your home. Especially if the unit is near the garbage chute, this is especially true.

Although living on a higher floor doesn’t guarantee your home is pest-free, good personal hygiene and a clean environment go a long way toward preventing bug infestations.

The more food you leave out, the more likely it is that bugs will reproduce and spread throughout your home. We have a pest control article guide if you need help keeping your house pest-free.

Greater Sensitivity to Ambient Noise

An apartment on a higher floor may be better for you if you value silence. To put it another way: The higher up you go in terms of your unit’s location in relation to the sounds of people, building sites, honking horns, and the sounds of your pool and BBQ pits, the less likely you are to hear them.

However, if you reside on a higher floor in a condo building with amenities on the upper floors or on the rooftop, the opposite may be true. As a result, before making a purchase, double-check the location of the available amenities.

In addition, noise is not restricted to the floor. While it may be annoying to hear footsteps, talking, or shifting furniture from your neighbors, it may be necessary to grow used to the noise. If you’re working from home, the sound of planes may be more distracting if you’re on a higher floor.

Enhanced Scenery

The city, the sea, and the setting sun can all be seen better from higher up in the building. If you live in a low-density neighborhood, this is especially true. Expect to spend more for a house with amazing views if you’re willing to venture up a few floors (e.g. sea-facing). Penthouses and other high-floor residences are more expensive for this reason.

In terms of resale value – it’s better

Insurance premiums for properties with more floors tend to be higher. Indeed, it’s not unusual to find a difference in pricing that’s thousands of dollars only because of the floor level. Thus, your home will be more valuable when it comes time to sell or rent it in the future.

Floods aren’t a problem here.

Even though it’s rare if you reside on the ground floor in one of Singapore’s many low-lying housing complexes, your property may be vulnerable to flooding. For those who dwell on the upper levels, there are no such worries.

Improved Safety

Singapore has a low crime rate, although, as the saying goes, “low crime doesn’t imply no crime”. Because it takes more work to break into a home from the top level, burglaries are less likely to occur.

Other Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Higher Floor vs. Lower Floor Units

Does It Matter If You Live on the First or the Tenth Floor?

The units on higher floors are preferable because there are less instances of pests visiting them.

In addition to this, you have enhanced perspectives of the surrounding area and benefit from enhanced wind ventilation throughout the year.

Units located on upper floors typically have a higher resale value.

Why are high-floor apartments more expensive to rent?

When you live on a higher floor, you are further removed from the activity of the surrounding neighborhood, which results in increased levels of privacy.

The views and ventilation are much improved in the upper-story apartments.

Should I Purchase a Unit That Is Located on the Ground Floor or a Lower Floor?

If you don’t enjoy waiting for the lifts and you want convenient access, then the ground floor or lower floor units are better for you than higher floor units.

Some of the units on the bottom floor come with an outdoor patio that can be used for gardening, and from this level, you can also have nice views of the pool or the vegetation.

Which Floor Unit Is Considered to Be the Best?

Units located on higher floors offer increased levels of privacy, improved security, and increased resale value.

Lower level units, on the other hand, are more practical, particularly in the event that the elevator stops working.

They are also less expensive and pose less of a risk to the health of the elderly and children.

Take a look at the big picture, not just the condo floor plan.

While the popular belief is that “the higher, the better,” this may not always be the case, lower-floor units are sometimes more desirable and in demand.

It all comes down to the individual building, its surroundings, and how well its property management is.

As we’ve seen throughout this guide, a variety of things can have an impact on the overall high-rise living experience. When selecting a condominium floor plan, keep your own demands and those of your family in mind.

Buying or renting a new home is a significant financial investment.

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